Sighing Inside

sometimes when i unwind,
i can see the sky.
sometimes i can feel… and,
i want to tell the world.

lately everythings not grey.
i should embrace these subtle things.
alone, i sit. alone, i stare.
instead of trying to change.

i’m gonna sit alone a while and dwell.
i’m down, but you never can tell.
i am damaged, but i am not drunk.
stay just a while.
let me you see you smile.
a lot.
then maybe we will survive.



seeing the world out of these little holes.

trying not to be so bold. so cold.
i breathe, what i can, inside me.

arms folded; outstretched inside.
things never mesh. i am dead from pride, unless…

i guess, if you are with me.

i’m gonna sit a while and dwell.
i’m bleeding out now. can you tell?
i may be damaged, but i’m not a fucking drunk.
let me you hear you laugh a lot.
we’ll give it all a shot.
may-be… (maybe), we’ll survive.


take one EPIC step with me (any).
ignore the misplaced.
fuzzy propaganda,
that we all see.

lets make this real together.
our eyes open most the time.
closed when we must be blind,
to the manufactured weather.


it’s not the world against us.
it’s not the government.
it’s not the people we both hate,
who are so apologetic.


it is us. and we are mighty.
it is us. and we can move the earth.
it is us. we are evolving and growing.
growing through the going pains.

we must accept that,
we are real.
I must trust and we are really real and…
and it is real… real… real as it can get.

dh (2006)


Soon the network will provide them every angle.
It will spread throughout the forest… 3 by 3.

Everything has been exploited. We must make new things.
And destroy them.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
A sniper rifle is always trained to the beholder’s head.

Santa Claus is real. These days he drinks too much.
And hates children.

Your dreams are someone else’s reality…
And you hate them for it.

dh (2006)

Life on The Streets

Who was that girl that sparked my fire and calmly doused the flames?
And what of the girl that made me feel the arts, the one I pushed away?

Who was it that took me into her world that reeked with electronic chat?
Who was the one, so sweet and quiet, who wanted total change and all of that?

Who ran me off with fire when I could not sooth her heart?
Who bore my child then went to roam and tore my world apart?

All of these streets I walk on, have signs with all their names.
It is only when I see a street sign blank that I am glad I came.

dh (2005)

Deleted Souls

a gathering of asps
angels searing angels
madmen forming unions
bidding on each side

the careless,the addicted
the scorned,the useless
all now the same
all in a line

no makeshift fantasy’s
regret is a bitter token
living just to live
on the better side of broken

dh (2014)


Regarding Corwin & Fiona (Walking The Logris)

If my heart has a reason.
Surely, it’s because of you.
Even in my darkest seasons.
You were my truth.

…I lost your youth.

For you: I had to wake up.
For you I had to break.
If things get blurry … (If I’m too much in a hurry).
I pray you’ll wait.

…until I get things straight.

My words feel empty.
But, I swear I can’t hold their weight.

dh (2014)